Environmental Funerals

If you are arranging a funeral for someone who was environmentally conscious, or if you are yourself, there are a variety of options we can provide to assist you.

Firstly, we have a wide range of natural coffins available, including Willow, Seagrass, Cane and Untreated Pine, please ask our arrangers for more information, or to see our suppliers’ full catalogue.

We are able to seat six people in our limousines, the use of these, instead of multiple vehicles, can reduce the overall fuel emissions from the funeral.

There are many options for natural burial which are local to us, our team are able to provide you with more information on this. Please note that for a natural burial, a natural coffin must be used and embalming is not permitted.

When choosing flowers, we recommend that you ask your florist to provide sprays of locally sourced flowers.

We recommend the use of funeral and wake venues close to the committal venue.

We are able to supply gowns made from natural materials, or you can bring in bio-degradable clothing for us to dress your loved one in.