Our collection of coffins and caskets.

Our coffins and caskets are available with a number of external and internal finishes and colour sets, please ask one of our funeral directors for further information.

  • The Bredon coffin - solid oak or mahogany

    Bamboo Eco

  • Bamboo Eco coffin

    Bamboo Lattice

  • Willow Highstead coffin

    Banana Leaf

  • Priory light - with ring handles

    Priory Light – Ring Handles

  • Priory medium coffin - with ring handles

    Priory Medium

  • The Somer coffin - solid oak

    The Bredon – Solid Oak or Mahogany

  • The Stretton coffin - veneered oak

    The Cardinal – Solid Oak or Mahogany

  • The Warwick coffin

    The Gatton

  • The Gatton coffin

    The Holmwood

  • The Cardinal coffin - solid oak or mahogany

    The Somer – Solid Oak

  • The Warenne coffin

    The Stretton – Veneered Oak

  • The Holmwood coffin

    The Warenne

  • The Warwick coffin

    The Warwick

  • Bamboo Lattice coffin

    Willow Highstead